A short long story

Again for Wicked Wednesday, in association with the doubtfulpoet and the Relevant haikuist. Guys, please don’t let me be the only one posting! ^_^. I’ve decided again not to be overtly wicked, sometimes, the introduction can be just as enjoyable as the main course, and pudding.  Deciding to use a loose rotund form here, for after all we must all begin somewhere!

Please enjoy, and enjoy your wicked Wednesday.

This is where it all began, all that time ago,

His eyes, met her eyes. Chemistry ensued.

A rush of endorphins to the brain as

Gently, very gently, hands touched,

Slowly very slowly, lips brushed.

A thousand nerve endings on fire

Bodies move, through wanton desire,

To know each others lips so well

And taste, and touch and see and smell.

A rudimentry starting point, significant warmth

A meeting of minds, bodies and souls.

Linger a second,


This is where it all began.

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